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History of the Association

SES Volunteers'The S.A. S.E.S. Volunteers' Association Incorporated (hereinafter called the SASESVA), was established in the early 1990's, when SES volunteers felt there was a threat to their existence with consideration being given to the amalgamation of the SES and the Country Fire Service.

A committee was formed, a constitution developed and the association was registered with the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs on 31st December 1993. (Incorporation Number: A21563).

Early founding members and past executive included Trevor Heitman, Janet O'Heir, Keith Lane, Keith Smith, Wayne Palmer, Trevor Arnold, Jennifer Vincent and Max Coulson to name a few, and many of these past representatives are still found working tirelessly as SES volunteers today, leading the service at local levels.

The Association was subsequently recognised under the SA Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 and then again in June 2008 with the signing of the Volunteer Charter. (Section 123) of the Act states:

  1. S.A.S.E.S. Volunteers' Association Incorporated is recognised as an association that represents the interests of members of SASES Units.
  2. The association may take such steps as may be reasonably available to advance the interests of members of SASES Units.

Committee Members

Executive Committee

Warren Hicks, Chair
Richard Davison ESM, Deputy Chair/Treasurer
Kate McIntosh, Secretary
Susan Caracoussis, Executive Officer

Region Representatives

Bill Job, South Region
Kate McIntosh, South Region
Alex Sims, South Region
Heidi Grebe, North Region
Richard Davison ESM, North Region

Please use the Contact section to view our Executive Committee or Regional Representatives' contact details.

Background Info and Strategic Plan

Click here to view a more complete background of SASESVA (.pdf file)

What we do

The Volunteers' Association Constitution was revised and adopted in November 2013.

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